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mmm, wank.

this is for jude. because i like to write porn. and because i feel masturbation fic is nice. and he wanted some, sort of.

Artemis sighed. It had been a long day at school. He generally didn't mind going to classes -- his classmates kept him occupied during the hour. The classes were too easy but that was only to be expected. But now, halfway through the year, his teachers were getting a bit annoyed with him constantly correcting their mistakes, and they were becoming a little vindictive.

The boy rolled his shoulders slowly before closing the door to his bathroom and locking the door. In this chilly Irish winter weather, nothing was nicer than a hot bath filled with thick luxurious lavender bubbles. Well, a couple thousand dollars was nice too.

Artemis leaned over the large bathtub and started the hot water tap. He kicked off his shoes, wiggling his toes around and closing his eyes briefly as he felt the start of relaxation kick in. Next he shrugged out of his button-up and undershirt (670 euros for the combination) and unbuckled his leather belt. Next went an exorbitant amount of the bath bubbles into the steaming water.

"I must request to have Mother send me another bottle," he said to himself, pushing down his pants and boxers and gingerly stepping into the hot bath. Artemis sighed in contentment as he slid down into the water, letting the steam heat his face and redden his cheeks. The bubbles were thick and slick; they slid over his thin torso and across the rest of his pale skin like hands.

Artemis closed his eyes. An image crept in front of his eyes -- a normal occurrence as of late. It was one of a boy. He was sort of new to the school. He had enrolled in St. Bartleby's just two weeks ago and already was sort of a paragon for personal grooming. It's not like Artemis was friends with him or anything. Artemis didn't really have any friends. Everyone was a little frightened of him because of his odd vampiric grin and pale skin.

But this boy was so -- different. He was thin, and pale, but not in a sickly computer-screen way like Artemis. It was just natural, like a redhead's skin, except he wasn't a redhead. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes that made Artemis think a little of the dirt that that dwarf had all over him.

God, even thinking about him was getting Artemis... excited. Stupid hormones. A plebeian chemical imbalance shouldn't affect a Fowl. But it did and that was so aggravating.

It was practically impossible not to think about the boy, after all, reflected Artemis as he unconsciously glided his hand over his stomach and down to his crotch, rubbing slowly. He was always there, in the corridors or smiling so goddamn knowingly at Artemis. Yeah, that smile... his hand moved a little faster.

Unsteadily, Artemis shifted his knees up and got a tighter grip on his cock, teasing the head with a gentle finger as he stretched out. He let out a low groan that resonated from his throat all the way down to his feet. A delicious heat that wasn't from the water was quickly seeping through his skin as the bubbles swished around him. He reached up with his right hand, rubbing his nipples forcefully.

Another loud, loud, sinful moan penetrated the air, and in the back of his mind Artemis vaguely wondered where it came from. Too lost in thoughts of that boy running his hands over Artemis's chest, down his stomach, jerking him off...

The thought alone was almost too much to handle and with one final gasp, the boy's hips jerked powerfully upward and he came furiously over his hand and across the lubricious surface of the water, his back elongated in an arc of pure pleasure.

Exhaustedly he sank back into the tub, letting the water envelop him again. He lay there in silence for a few minutes, regaining his strength, and then Artemis smiled a little, murmuring, "I titter to think what he'd say if he knew..."

- the tittering part at the end is based on a line from the first book where he says "i titter" and this amused me.
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