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Wrote a little drabble that I don't think is any good, but I was *poked* into doing it by Jude, the big bully.

Untitled, G, Holly/Juliet

I know they all want you
With your Desdemona's eyes
I'll keep you from danger
Save you from prying eyes


“Need help, Foaly?” Holly asked, her voice barely a whisper. The offices were quiet and dark, save for the centaur’s, which was almost unbearably bright.

Foaly swivelled on his chair to face her; he was shocked to find that her beauty was undermined by dark rings beneath her eyes. Her auburn hair was mussed, and worry lines creased her forehead.

“You alright, Holly?” he replied. She looked like the one who needed help, not him.

“Yeah,” she smiled, smoothing away the lines, “Just a little concerned. I think I broke a promise.”

The centaur let out a small snort and grinned widely, rubbing his hands together. “I think I’ve told you a million times not to make a promise with Root.”

Holly joined in with his chuckling, but her eyes never met his. “I said I’d help keep an eye on something. And, well, you’re the one with the video surveillance. I thought it was unfair for you to do all the work around here. You need sleep.”

“No rest for the wicked, Miss Short,” Foaly said, but he rolled his chair out from under the desk and stood, stretching out his back. “But a few minutes wouldn’t hurt.”

“Thanks,” said Holly, still standing as she watched Foaly make his way down the hall to an abandoned cubicle.

“Don’t mention it. I trust you too much, anyway.”

Holly drew near to the monitors, and delicately pressed a button. The picture on them changed – from the deserted study of Artemis Fowl the Second – to Juliet Butler’s bedroom. She smiled.

When Foaly returned that morning and happened upon Holly’s sleeping form, he picked her up gently and placed her in her office. He flicked the monitors back onto the study of Artemis Fowl the Second, and thought, for a fleeting second, that maybe the promise Holly made was not to Root.

He shrugged, and returned to work.

Lyrics courtesy of The Whitlams, from the song, "Make the World Safe".

You're a meany, bro.
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