beowulf (bookofjude) wrote in howlerspeak,

Artemis Fowl fan fiction recs

because hobaggins made me do it.

Killer Instinct by insanelonewolf. WIP. A brilliant psychological thriller; Artemis is wonderfully characterized, and it's just so utterly gorgeous. Write more!

Trouble is in love, and it's not with Holly! by blueyeti. One-shot. Kelpcest. I made her do it, and it is one of my favourite pieces of writing done by her.

The Confessional by insanelonewolf. WIP/vingettes. A series of short pieces about a bar named the Confessional. Jazz and film noir. There are no words.

Philophobia by insanelonewolf. One-shot. Again, another story by Rihana. But really, she is brilliant. She rocks. This rocks. Opal/Briar is the het OTP in The Arctic Incident.

Concupiscence by insane_ophelia. WIP. Artemis seduces one of his Mother's older friends. Brilliantly written, brilliant executed. Brilliant, in every way.

I'll have more later. :)
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